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       The Hawaii International Pageant system empowers, encourages and educates women of various ages to realize that she is crowned to make a difference both locally and globally.


       Through our dedication to cultivate community service & commitment to partnering with just causes Our Sisterhood sets a standard of grace and compassion.

2022 Current Reigning Queens

2023 International Pageants Queens will be published soon.

Jillian Towle.jpeg
Adriana Demos.jpeg
Miss International 2023.jpeg
Sandi Glandt.jpeg
Showcasing the Accomplishments of Today's Pre-Teens, Teens, Young Women, and Married Women

The International® Competition has established itself as an organization with integrity, high ethical standards, and consistent application of its rule and regulation. It is our goal to provide ladies everywhere the opportunity to compete in a pageant system that maintains the highest of moral values.

We believe that we owe consistent application of our rules and regulation to all of our past, present, or future contestants and directors. We are firmly committed to applying these standards fairly, uniformly, and consistently.

Are YOU the Next International®? Join the Sisterhood Today!
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